23 months old

My baby R is 23 months old today. She is mixing Filipino and English. She adds ing to Filipino words like tulog+ing=sleeping. Any verbs she uses she adds ing whenever she is doing something or pretending to be doing something. She uses the words correctly but because she does not have enough vocabulary yet she mixes things up. She also likes to make up words like lie downing which is hilarious.

R likes to skip, hop and jump. She jumps up and down, runs up and down the banks, go on the seesaw and swings. She is very mobile and active. She has not poured her drink on the rug for 3 days which is very good for me as it drives me crazy when she does it.

Eating most of the time takes ages but she willingly tries food now. In the past 2 weeks she asked for Cheerios and Shreddies but she is slowly going off them. She likes pancakes and crumpets (crum or crumpit) lately. Drinking water is fun and she manages to sip milk too which is lovely.

Dad stuck glow in the dark stars and moon on the ceiling above R’s bed. Last night when she woke up in the middle of the night she said to me Mummy, stars. It was lovely to hear her appreciate what Dad has done and it is comforting for her I hope.

We are all excited to go to Bangkok in 2 weeks time. It means BTS, swimming, window shopping for me and for R, 6 weeks to relax and be away and free from house and anxiety to live in this new place.


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