Piggy wig wig

R and I went to see the pig that we spotted at the Sathon Pier. It is a big, black and a little old pig. I am not sure of its gender although I checked it a couple of weeks ago. Before we got onto the ferry over the river she screamed “We’re coming piggy wig wig!”. It is very sweet how she expresses her excitement even her disappointments.

We have been swimming every day and it is relaxing and joyful to watch her learn new things. She practices on her own after we show her what she needs to do like jumping into the pool or pushing off the wall, she thinks about it overnight or for days and then she does it on her own. Lately, after pushing off and jumping for a number of times she treats herself to a float or as she says sleep on her back. She still wears armbands which are now nearly deflated because she has bitten them and they are all nearly full with water. She sometimes takes them off but puts them back on realizing that she cannot swim without them yet. She says, I can’t swim yet.

This morning while having breakfast she sang Twinkle twinkle little star while tapping baskets. It was spontaneous that there was no time to grab the camera to capture it. In addition to nursery rhymes and songs she sings everyday with me, us she learnt the Puff the magic dragon. She could sing the chorus and the first verse. Very sweet indeed. R is into the movie and sings the other song Weave me the sunshine.

I hope that she could remember happy moments from this stage in her life and not only mummy’s grumpiness and life’s hard part.

We will all go to the aquarium tomorrow and I told her tonight that we might see penguins there. I hope that she will look forward to the trip tomorrow.


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