Day before the 26th month (Is this terrible two?)

Tomorrow R will be 26 months old. She had 2 hens today which made her truly happy. She has been excited to have chickens for a pet and she could not wait for her father to finish the coop he was building for the hens. She had 2 goldfish last week which also made her very happy.We haven’t been doing Montessori materials but R is free to choose any games she wants to play with. She currently is interested in jigsaw puzzles and sharpening pencils. R still plays with her old toys especially her “train” which is a car. She can dress herself to a certain degree that does not annoy me. She takes off her socks effortlessly. She can get ready for bath time which is helpful.  It was an exhausting day as R seem to not listen to my requests to eat her meals, put her shoes on, wash her hands and even to come with to or with me when needed to go or do something.  I will write more tomorrow if I can because it is already getting late for my tired brain.


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