Five days after the 26th month

The weather is not as good as yesterday so we are mostly indoors today. R is busy with jigsaws, riding her bike, feeding herself if that is counted, practicing to use her potty by herself although she shouts for help sometimes, reading, and just playing. She is now old enough to get a book and try to tell stories from the pictures of her books or retell the stories that she knows. Jigsaws are hit these days. She can do 9 pieces easily. R likes the big ones but she needs someone to do it with. She likes the interaction while solving it,  goes quiet at times and then squeals when she puts pieces together.

R tries to dress herself up but I feel guilty that we do not give her much opportunity to do it. In the mornings she likes her father to help her because they go downstairs have morning tv with a little snack or start of breakfast . At night before bed she practices a little. Even though it is summertime she likes to put on coats and raincoats on a sunny day, this helps her practice with coats which will be a good thing in the winter.

I have not put out new Montessori-inspired materials because we spend most of our time in the garden, the kitchen or out. I ask her to help to cut vegetables, make pasta using the pasta maker, measure rice and turns the rice cooker on, prepare the bread mixture for the bread machine and adds in the seeds to the dispenser. She plays with anything she finds in the kitchen like the tins of sardines and pots of peanut butter that she builds towers with. Last month she and daddy made pasta bake for lunch. In her own words she put the pasta in, daddy opened the tomato sauce, cut carrots and mushrooms and bake. In the garden it is her job to sprinkle tea grounds. She sometimes waters the plants and feeds the chickens. We still have her spooning and pouring work in her classroom which she looks at and then moves on to other things.

Last Sunday and yesterday we had friends over and R played with their children. It is a shame that she does not have many friends yet but we try to introduce her to some whenever we can. They played for 3 hours which made her very tired and went to sleep fast at night. But because of the excitement we think that she had nightmares from because she was so excited during the day and she still thought about it in her sleep. It does not matter as long as she is happy. Today she decided to play with a crane, which her father used to play with when he was younger, and I heard her say this is the brake and she said brake while putting the car into a halt. That word is from her male friend from yesterday.

By playing alone freely building towers, “making pasta” with grass and stones, playing in her playhouse I believe is imaginative play which helps R express herself. I do not like her to act out fairy tale stories, this kind of imaginative play is fine with me but I do not want to encourage it. Perhaps when she has friends who believe and act these fairy tales she would like to explore that too but for now to work with whatever she can find is an experience.

Next week we will try to practice on getting more independent and that is a challenge for all three of us. More trips to the potty, more practice to use words rather than whines and squeals, dress and undress, meal times at the table and not in the sitting room, and she will be asked for more help in the house.


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