Diy Sandpaper letters and moveable Alphabet

I unearthed the sandpaper and wooden letters that were in one of the many storage bags in the loft.

The wooden letters were purchased from the stationery store and I used two coats of spray paint. I could have used more but I was excited to show them to R since she likes to play with them.

After printing and cutting out letter templates, it was time to trace them wrong side down on the sandpaper. It took me three nights altogether to finish this project.

R has traced eight letters so far. She is working on the names and the sounds at the same time. I would like her to concentrate on the sounds initially but when she is around other people she hears the names so we give them their names when she sees them and asks or says their names. She once matched the movable letters with her blocks that has letters on the sides.

It might take some time to go through all the letters but when she is familiar with these we will incorporate some Filipino writing. At the moment I only speak the language to her, sing songs or watch clips of Filipino videos online.


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