Driving and living with a child on a rainy and foggy day

It was miserable all day. It was rainy, gusty and foggy  which was challenging to an inexperienced or worse learner driver like me. My driving test will be next month which gives me creeps every time I think about it. We have been practicing nearly every day now and to get behind the wheel turns me into a freak. To try to put myself in the shoes of those with me in the car while thinking how to drive properly drives me crazy. There were only a handful of sighs and side comments about my driving today. Do your best they say, I might try again tomorrow.

As I was waiting for M to come out today on our way to lunch before we see his uncle, an older woman came up to me and said that I cheered her up. She said that my smile brightened up her day. It is lovely to hear a stranger say such a thing. Compliments truly puts a smile on someones face.

We rarely eat out for a number of reasons one of those is home cooked food is the best choice here. Whenever we go out R (I say to myself puts on her best self) sits at the table and behaves herself. She sits there like an adult, prim, proper, uses her utensils, have conversations and eats well. It has been a number of times that we were told that R is very good at the table.

When everything seems to be going wrong there are a few good things that come our way.  Indeed.


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