A trip to Bangkok Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market

IMG_20180819_094843I have been thinking about going to a floating market in Bangkok since I visited the country nearly a decade ago.

Finally went to one at the weekend with my 5 year old. Klong Lat Mayom was an easy choice because we already are on the Thonburi side of the city and a 2 minute walk away from the BTS skytrain station.

We set off just before 9am as we get up very early every day. I am sure every mum with a young child could relate to that. We got off at BTS Bang Wa looked for exit 1/2. Fortunately, there is a lift there which I find helpful now that I take a pushchair/stroller nearly everywhere. Although the pavements here are not pushchair friendly, it is a relief to not have to carry a child when she is tired or we are both tired and in the heat.

There was a queue of taxis waiting for passengers outside the station. First try and we were on the road to the floating market! Baht 107 later and the kind taxi driver saw us off.

We arrived at the market relatively early. It was still quiet so it was easy to navigate the market. We bought a 1.30 hour canal boat trip ticket for a Baht 100. For locals it is 60 baht. It was a fun boat trip for me and my daughter. I have not seen her excited about boats in a long time.

Part of the trip was to stop at a temple for 20 minutes. R watched people offer incense, candles and lotus flower to Buddha and prayed. She was especially interested at the children praying. There’s a market on the temple grounds where they have vegetables, fruits and snacks. Another stop was at an oIMG_20180819_115400.jpgrchid farm. It was not a big place but to a small child it looked big enough. We did not buy any plants but we fed the catfish in the canal with a loaf that R bought from the market around the temple. Those fish in the canal are enormous. It’s the kind a child would remember for the rest of her life.

There were a few boats selling at the market. I have no other markets to compare it with but the place is good enough for a weekend morning day out with a little one. The best thing about this trip was to see life along the canal, spirit houses, neighbours chatting, locals on their boats getting on with their lives, a floating vegetable shop (a vegetable seller on a boat), papaya, banana, dragon fruit, coconut palm, pea aubergines, basil plants to name a few things to look at while on the trip.


To have a plate or bowl of something to eat before heading back is easy. By the time we got off the boat and it was only 20 to 11, the place was already packed. People were already eating and we waited a good 10 minutes before we had a free table to have a snack.


When it is time to go back for a rest a child certainly knows how to tell an adult. No fussing but there is only one question left in the bag and it will be asked by someone who is like a broken record. Out we went to the main drop off area and there was a taxi waiting. Back to the BTS station in no time. It was 109 baht this time.



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