Piggy wig wig

R and I went to see the pig that we spotted at the Sathon Pier. It is a big, black and a little old pig. I am not sure of its gender although I checked it a couple of weeks ago. Before we got onto the ferry over the river she screamed “We’re coming piggy wig wig!”. It is very sweet how she expresses her excitement even her disappointments.

We have been swimming every day and it is relaxing and joyful to watch her learn new things. She practices on her own after we show her what she needs to do like jumping into the pool or pushing off the wall, she thinks about it overnight or for days and then she does it on her own. Lately, after pushing off and jumping for a number of times she treats herself to a float or as she says sleep on her back. She still wears armbands which are now nearly deflated because she has bitten them and they are all nearly full with water. She sometimes takes them off but puts them back on realizing that she cannot swim without them yet. She says, I can’t swim yet.

This morning while having breakfast she sang Twinkle twinkle little star while tapping baskets. It was spontaneous that there was no time to grab the camera to capture it. In addition to nursery rhymes and songs she sings everyday with me, us she learnt the Puff the magic dragon. She could sing the chorus and the first verse. Very sweet indeed. R is into the movie and sings the other song Weave me the sunshine.

I hope that she could remember happy moments from this stage in her life and not only mummy’s grumpiness and life’s hard part.

We will all go to the aquarium tomorrow and I told her tonight that we might see penguins there. I hope that she will look forward to the trip tomorrow.


24 months and 10 days in Bangkok

We are in Bangkok until the middle of the month. R turned two on the 23rd. We went to Wat Pho and she was very happy about that. We took the BTS and the boat to the temple which was already a treat to her. She asked for her picture to be taken with the reclining Buddha. Flashed a smile and voila a photo to keep. We found the school grounds at the temple and there was a little play area which made her morning. We went on the boat again to grab lunch before we headed back to our room. It was a lovely day for all of us.

At 2 years and 10 days she is very chatty and expressive. She says what she wants to say like after she has put her father’s goggles on top of his nose she said that it is ridiculous and then laughed.

I should keep a record of what she comes up with.

She is practicing to jump in the pool, kick more, put her face in the water, blow bubbles as well. She goes for 45 minutes to an hour most days depending on the weather and how she is when she wakes up in the afternoon. It has been hot in the past couple of weeks and we are suffering. I wish that I could do something to ease that sticky feeling for her and her dad. Otherwise we might not come back to Asia in the summer again.

Threading, uses clips, rolls and throws balls, helps me prepare rice, cuts vegetables, eats rice from the pot, puts on and takes off her clothes, says bilis when she needs the potty (well, this one needs more encouragement and practice), sings all the songs that I have been singing to her since day one.

For a week now she really is running not just walking fast but running. She puts on her shoes and goes out the door most of the time.

Since she can say what is in her mind she is strong minded. I always need to take a deep breath and remind myself that she is her own person and she is young. She is still learning I know but she makes me go mental too. She seem to not listen 80 percent of the time when I ask her to tidy or get dressed or stay with me when daddy is going out or he is busy. She might grow out of it soon or not but I hope that she does because I do not feel needed when she does that.

In 14 days time we will go back to where we will be in the next 4 years. I need to do some shopping. I need to set up a classroom or an area for R to concentrate in and practice her motor skills, independence, coordination and to be able to start some Montessori lessons.

23 months old

My baby R is 23 months old today. She is mixing Filipino and English. She adds ing to Filipino words like tulog+ing=sleeping. Any verbs she uses she adds ing whenever she is doing something or pretending to be doing something. She uses the words correctly but because she does not have enough vocabulary yet she mixes things up. She also likes to make up words like lie downing which is hilarious.

R likes to skip, hop and jump. She jumps up and down, runs up and down the banks, go on the seesaw and swings. She is very mobile and active. She has not poured her drink on the rug for 3 days which is very good for me as it drives me crazy when she does it.

Eating most of the time takes ages but she willingly tries food now. In the past 2 weeks she asked for Cheerios and Shreddies but she is slowly going off them. She likes pancakes and crumpets (crum or crumpit) lately. Drinking water is fun and she manages to sip milk too which is lovely.

Dad stuck glow in the dark stars and moon on the ceiling above R’s bed. Last night when she woke up in the middle of the night she said to me Mummy, stars. It was lovely to hear her appreciate what Dad has done and it is comforting for her I hope.

We are all excited to go to Bangkok in 2 weeks time. It means BTS, swimming, window shopping for me and for R, 6 weeks to relax and be away and free from house and anxiety to live in this new place.

Swimming, Reading, Montessori materials

R who is now 20 months old. She started to want to be read upon waking up and before bed 3 months ago. She requests 10 books each time sometimes although tiring at times it is enjoyable most of the time. We try to take her swimming every day when we can. In Bangkok, where she was born, she swam everyday but here in the UK we do not live with a pool that is literally few steps away. She swims with arm bands on tirelessly. For now she is happy to do dog paddles and turn around, jumps up and down and plays with dad or mom in the water.

I was reading about diy Montessori materials today and I am having second thoughts about making the pink tower and brown stair. It is because of the precision that it entails and it might be time consuming. It might be that I will buy used sensorial materials or buy from budget sites.

It is the day after Boxing day and we are still staying at the in laws due to issues about the house. I am hoping that by the first week of 2015 we would be in front of the fire place in the house. The good thing about staying here is that R is able to play with a cousin. A little person which she has rarely experience lately. Anyway, life comes with lots of pluses and minuses.