Swimming, Reading, Montessori materials

R who is now 20 months old. She started to want to be read upon waking up and before bed 3 months ago. She requests 10 books each time sometimes although tiring at times it is enjoyable most of the time. We try to take her swimming every day when we can. In Bangkok, where she was born, she swam everyday but here in the UK we do not live with a pool that is literally few steps away. She swims with arm bands on tirelessly. For now she is happy to do dog paddles and turn around, jumps up and down and plays with dad or mom in the water.

I was reading about diy Montessori materials today and I am having second thoughts about making the pink tower and brown stair. It is because of the precision that it entails and it might be time consuming. It might be that I will buy used sensorial materials or buy from budget sites.

It is the day after Boxing day and we are still staying at the in laws due to issues about the house. I am hoping that by the first week of 2015 we would be in front of the fire place in the house. The good thing about staying here is that R is able to play with a cousin. A little person which she has rarely experience lately. Anyway, life comes with lots of pluses and minuses.